This form is to request access to the MCCE member site.

If you require (additional) access to the SALCC member site, please fill in this form.

  • If you register only for yourself, pick Personal, otherwise, pick Other. Either choice will display additional mandatory fields to be filled in.
  • Use this field for a (non-military) company or the (organizational) unit you request access for and that has a shared email account. If needed, you can add a personal or POC name in the "Remarks" field.
  • Please enter either your personal email address or a general email address used within your unit or company.
  • Password requirements

    You are free to use any combination of characters, as long as the minimum is 10 and password strength equals 'Strong'.

    Best advise is a phrase, typed as you normally would, like this sentence.

    So, "I don't like Mondays" might not be a best practice example, but it would fit both criteria and it's probably easier to remember than "HI&5gfu%rTj!"

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  • If you already have a POC inside the MCCE, mention them here. This may help speed up the account approval process.
  • About Access Levels

    Standard (Default) registration gives you access to the library of all MCCE Cells', NMCC and Standing (Operational) files.

    If you require any additional access, select the appropriate level(s).

    For example, if you are an ATARES member, select ATARES. This will add the ATARES library. If you are member of more than one organisation, select all that apply.

    In addition, Steering Board (SB) and Working Board (WB) members also get access to their specific libraries, whereas SB includes WB, but WB does not include SB.

    (If you are a member of both, only select 'SB Member')
  • If applicable, please provide specific details that will help speed up the authorization process.